London Met Film School Visit

Nov 26, 2018




40 students of Media Studies were accompanied by Miss Leeves, Mr Tuck and myself (Mr Cain) on a half day trip to London Met Film School in Ealing Green on Thursday 15th November. Being the ‘oldest working film studio in the UK’ and potentially the world, the whole place smelt of cinema history.

From the display posters of films that had been made there – dating back to 1939 – we were surrounded by famous shooting locations, make-up and hair professionals, set designers and props makers.

We were allowed to see a working seminar where students were discussing their recent work portfolios, showing us how they had been directing and editing recent shoots and how they undertake scripting and screenwriting processes, which was fascinating. From there we saw inside a professional editing suite and ‘sound room’ where student film makers were mixing sound and editing raw footage – some for undergraduate and some for post-graduate pieces.

We were taken to a cinematography class where students were experimenting with camera movements and shot types. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we saw a short experimental film being made. Following the footsteps of Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Miley Cyrus and others, we set foot in a HUGE set designing warehouse where a whole house was being erected – just to be totally destroyed again after a few days’ shooting.

The special effects behind films such as Dr Strange, The Hobbit and others are made a reality by a place known as the Imaginariam. We could look but not touch. Wall to wall green screens and state of the art equipment. Access is strictly forbidden to those without the authority. Maybe next time…

This trip has made us a ‘partner school’ and other opportunities are in the pipeline. Watch this space. Better still, film it.

Mr Cain

Team Leader of Media Studies

Post by Angela