Achievement and Inclusion team

The Vandyke Achievement and Inclusion team is a team of caring, supportive professionals who are dedicated to ensuring all students are treated with care and respect and encouraged to achieve their highest potential.   Mrs T Beckwith is the SENCO and head of achievement and inclusion ( and Mrs J Yeoman is the assistant SENCO (

We believe in every student and in their ability to succeed socially and academically.  Our team will work to ensure the students we support achieve the highest level of learning outcomes of which they are capable.

Our aim

To help maximise the potential of every student in the school and, in particular, those with special needs.


We have a large team of experienced teaching assistants, inclusion support officers and a learning mentor who are positive and enthusiastic in wanting to help students make progress in all aspects of their learning.


There are many different ways we support students in their learning depending on their individual needs, for example:  in class support; intensive literacy and numeracy in small groups; individual supported study; mentoring; keyworking; specialist assessments for access arrangements; small group work on raising self esteem or managing your emotions.


All students who experience learning, behavioural, social or emotional challenges whilst they are with us at Vandyke.  Our focus is on a lively and varied personalised curriculum at these times in order to help to make students’ experience of school a really positive one.

Our provision of care and guidance at Vandyke is outstanding, as is the programme of support offered by The Achievement and Inclusion team because we believe that every student should be given the opportunity to aim high and achieve their very best.

For information on the Vandyke local offer, please click here

For details of Central Bedfordshire’s local offer, please click here.

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