Praise and reward at Vandyke


At Vandyke we place a great deal of emphasis on highlighting student achievements, both inside and outside the classroom.

There are three main strands to our system, which are as follows:

Year Group Rewards:

  • Praise postcards from Directors of Year or Heads of Year for excellent and very good reports.
  • Students with excellent progress reports are invited to special chocolate assemblies where we talk about their successes and reward each student with a chocolate bar.
  • Every half term, each year group has an achievers’ assembly to highlight students who have had excellent/very good reports and excellent attendance and punctuality.
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards: Year 9 and Year 10 students receive termly nominations from their teachers for outstanding effort and achievement. These are awarded in special assemblies by the Headteacher and Director of Year and celebrated at the end of year Awards Evening.
  • Every year we have an annual awards evening for each year group, where students are invited to attend if they have shown a consistent effort throughout the year in their progress reports.  This is an evening where we also celebrate achievement in music, drama, sport, dance, design technology and participation in student voice.
  • Achievement is also assessed by tutor group, for example, prizes are given for the tutor group with the highest number of achievement points, best attendance etc.
  • Directors and Heads of Year meet with students who are making an excellent effort or progress in lessons and this is followed up with letters home to parents.
  • The Head Teacher meets regularly with students from all year groups who are making an excellent effort or progress in lessons.

Subject/Department Rewards:

  • Teachers are reminded regularly to record positive recognition on the SIMS log through a rolling programme that is published in the weekly staff bulletin and on the guidance programme. Staff will be reminded to do this via the weekly briefing.
  • Teachers are encouraged to send praise postcards for excellent pieces of work.
  • Achievement boards are exhibited in each department and these are regularly updated with names and photographs of students performing well in a particular subject.
  • Some departments nominate students for recognition at the annual awards evening.

Tutor Rewards:

  • Tutors look at SIMS log weekly and tell students when they have a praise mention from a particular member of staff or subject.
  • Tutors record these mentions via a tutor group chart with stickers.
  • Tutors complete a praise postcard when tutees have received three praise mentions from teachers on the log.
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