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Why attendance matters

If students are to achieve their potential, good attendance and punctuality are critical.  The link between attendance and achievement is well documented. Figures from the Department for Education demonstrate this very clearly.

We want all our students to achieve the very best examination results that they can.  Irregular attendance, can, however, have a significant impact on student achievement.  Students with irregular attendance…

  • Get behind with work
  • Lose the thread of the topics being taught
  • Become demotivated on return to school
  • Lose friendships
  • Miss out on important careers and guidance inputs
  • Miss out on extra curricular opportunities
  • Are less likely to feel part of the school


What is good attendance?

Parents/carers and students often become confused about what good attendance is.  In discussions with the Educational Welfare Service, Vandyke has introduced the following guide for parents:

98% – 100% outstanding

96% – 98% excellent

94% – 96%

90% – 94% cause for concern

Below 90% serious cause for concern.

It should be remembered that 90% attendance is equivalent to one day of absence every fortnight.  Over an academic year this amounts to four weeks of absence (100 lessons missed!)

We will contact you if we have concerns about the attendance level of your son/daughter.  We also reward students who attend well and are punctual through our system of achievers’ assemblies and certificates.


Parents/carers are also responsible for ensuring that their son/daughter arrives at school punctually.  School starts at 8.45am each day and students are late if they are not in their tutor base (or the  theatre on assembly day) by 8.45am.  We will contact you if we have concerns about punctuality and ask that you support our detention  procedures re: student lateness.


What parents can do

  • Ensure students arrive on time each day, well equipped and in a fit state to learn.
  • Take an interest in the education of their son/daughter by talking to them about school and by attending school events (e.g consultation/information evenings etc.)
  • Ring the school before 9am on each day of absence.
  • Be alert to any signs that might indicate bullying or other issues that may affect school attendance
  • Inform the school immediately if there are any matters that arise that may affect the attendance of their son/daughter.


Key People

If you have any queries or concerns about attendance or punctuality matters, please note that the following staff will be able to help:

Year 9:    Director of year – Mrs Beckwith, Head of year – Mrs Mileham, Student support and attendance – Mrs A Bates

Year 10:  Director of year – Mr Skelton, Head of year – Mrs Daly, Student support and attendance – Mrs Samet

Year 11:  Director of Year – Mr Chantrell, Head of Year – Mrs Gaskell, Student support and attendance – Mrs Bailey




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