Law trip to the Galleries of Justice

Jul 12, 2021




On 23rd June the A level law students visited the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham. This is an historic building, previously used as a place to hold, try and execute prisoners. It is now a museum with a range of activities available for students of all ages.

Poppy Herbert and Kai Jones, students who attended the trip, reflect on the day…

“Despite the long coach trip, it was most definitely worth it. We first visited the museum with actors; the jailor and a matron, who helped us learn and understand the history of the justice system through Georgian and Victorian to current times. We got to see the actual cells the prisoners were kept in and many other aspects, such as the courtyard which had carvings from prisoners on the walls of their  initials. Some had marked a tally of how many days they had been imprisoned.

Firstly, we participated in a guided tour of the old jails; accompanied with commentary from members of staff who were dressed up as characters. We learnt about a variety of former punishments and the reasons as to why they would take place. We explored the old chambers; where the women did chores and where the men did exercise. This aided everyone’s understanding on how far punishment has come and how we got where we are today within law. This therefore makes the history of law beneficial to be studied in order to understand the current status of law and where it all began.

Finally we spent some time in a real old-style courtroom, where we acted out a mock trial which was very exciting for all of the students, especially for aspiring solicitors and barristers. The trial was based on a real case of Toni Mancini, a trial of a man accused of murdering his lover and hiding her body in a trunk (The ‘Brighton Murders’). I enjoyed playing the part of the defendant, but I also enjoyed watching the compelling aspiring barristers question witnesses and give their closing speeches to the  jury. One of our tour guides said that our trial was the most exciting one they have watched in all the time they have worked there! Overall the trip was very exciting and useful for us to learn more about the justice system and develop our public speaking.”

 Poppy Herbert and Kai Jones, Year 13 Law students

Post by Angela