Holocaust Survivor Eva Clarke speaks at Vandyke

Oct 31, 2017




Holocaust Survivor Eva Clarke speaks at Vandyke

Vandyke Upper School hosted an exhibition from the Anne Frank Trust with student ambassadors trained as “experts” to show visitors around the exhibition. This was a big success and was followed up last week by a visit from Holocaust survivor Eva Clarke. The evening event was planned to mark Bedfordshire Police’s Hate Crime Awareness Week and was sponsored by Police Crime Commissioner Kathryn Holloway.

Eva Clarke told her remarkable story as a baby born at the Mauthausen concentration camp in 1945.  Student ambassadors spoke about their experiences from the exhibition and James Hart from Luton Police spoke also.

Val Ross of the Anne Frank Trust said, “The evening was a very proud moment.  Vandyke student ambassadors are to be commended for their passion for the cause of standing up to prejudice, their articulacy and gift for communicating the real time importance of Anne Frank’s legacy.”

Eva Clarke said, “It was a pleasure to tell my mother’s story to such a responsive, interested and sympathetic audience.  The students were particularly impressive and it was moving to hear what they had to say.”

Headteacher, Tim Carroll,added, “This was a powerful and memorable occasion that has provided great learning for our students and I hope has also made a contribution to raising awareness of hate crime in our wider community.  Thanks go to Bedfordshire police for their support and to the Anne Frank Trust. Our special thanks are for Eva Clarke whose story and the way that she narrates it are quite inspirational. It has been a privilege to work with these organisations and we look forward to this work only strengthening in the future.”


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