Guest Speaker – Public Services

Jan 23, 2023




Throughout the entire academic year, Public Service students enjoy an array of guest speakers from different public, private and third sector organisations and businesses.

Recently Year 11 students met a Global Supplier Quality & Development Manager, Murphy Brown, who has worked across all three sectors plying his trade  globally.

Year 11 students are presently looking at the importance of quality and analytical systems, in particular the importance of recording work performances, SWOT analysis, skills and training auditing and designing Improvement Plans from what is gathered by the data.

Mr Murphy exposed students to new and old careers that now use cutting-edge technology, some of which students use on a daily basis but are unaware of, linking it to all of the services they either use or will use in the future.

Students conducted themselves well and showed a keen interest in Mr Brown’s journey, the wide range of work opportunity, as well as systems and new technology that promotes the importance of ‘continued improvement’, regardless of what career one might choose.

Mr Brown, Public Services

Post by Angela