Grease The Musical

Jan 11, 2019




Over 70 students were involved in our whole school production, “Grease the Musical”. Students from Years 9 -13 brought the story to life with huge enthusiasm and energy. On 6th and 7th December they performed two superb shows to packed out audiences in the Vandyke Theatre.

Danny, played by Dylan Blower, had fallen in love over the Summer with Sandy, played by Phoebe Hanley. The story follows them and their friends as they sing and dance their way through favourites including “Greased Lightning” the “Hand Jive” and “We Go together”.

The atmosphere created was electrifying! The band led by Miss Doe were terrific keeping the tunes firmly in the audiences minds.

Very well done to everyone involved.

Mrs Allsopp, Team Leader of Drama

Post by Angela