Gold Practice Duke of Edinburgh

Sep 25, 2018




Gold Practice Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

The practice expedition was unbelievably hot because England decided to have the hottest heatwave as we were trekking around Snowdonia for four days!

After arriving in Wales, we had a pub meal together and spent our first night camping in Beddgelert. Day 1 started brilliantly, going up a big hill which made us all think about what have we got ourselves into. We got a little lost but re-routed to get back on track.

Day 2 seemed to never end. After a full day of walking we saw the campsite way down below, but getting on to the campsite was the hardest part of the day, because of a river that seemed to have no bridge! The thing that kept us going was the thought of our Michelin star dining, which included hummus and carrot sticks followed by our pasta and Dolmio mini meatballs in a tomato sauce cooked on a top of the range trangia! We went to bed that night anxious to summit Snowdon the next day. It started off as a gradual incline, which lulled us into a false sense of security. Then we met a practically vertical loose rock path, which we had to scramble up all the way to the top!

Summiting Snowdon was by far our proudest achievement making all the pain worth it. Miss Gibbs said the bottom is “just down there, it’s not far”. Descending seemed to go on forever and we never thought seeing the mini bus would make us so happy. The fact we had another day of walking with pains in our legs was very disheartening. We took it slowly at first and then ended up running down to the mini bus which is a lot harder with a 15kg bag on your back.

The memories of the falls, the songs and the laughs will stay with me for life; although my feet were dreading the real expedition, the laughs we had were my determination to do it all again.

Katie Westlake-Tritton

Year 13 Student

Post by Angela