German Christmas Celebrations

Jan 09, 2018




German Christmas Celebrations

On the morning of Friday 15th December the Theatre was taken over by the Modern Foreign Language Department. All Year 9 German students were taken out of their timetabled lessons to visit the very atmospheric Theatre, lit only by around 50 candles and decorated with hand crafted  ornaments.

The mood was set by the students singing Christmas carols in German that had been previously taught in language lessons, followed by a presentation on how Christmas is celebrated in Germany. The students then had to answer a number of quiz questions, testing their language and cultural knowledge.

Many students were surprised to find that there are no “Christmas Stockings”, but instead a slipper would be placed by the door on 6th December for Saint Nicholas to fill…. if the child had been good!  Other important celebrations such as Advent, Christmas Eve, the 12 days of Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Epiphany were also explained. To end the experience, much traditional Christmas fayre was sampled such as Lebkuchen (gingerbread) and Stollen (fruit bread filled with marzipan) were sampled.

We have all been very lucky to have such a close insight into other cultures at such an important time of  year.  Many thanks to Frau Rhoden and Frau Elding  for all the hard work and imagination they had put into this event to help the teaching  of German “come alive”.

The Modern Foreign Languages Team



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