Geography Trip to the Seaside

Jul 09, 2018




Geography Trip to the Seaside

Well we certainly had the weather for a coastal   excursion. With temperatures soaring to 28 degrees the Geography department and 17 Sixth Formers headed to Swanage to carry out fieldwork investigations into high and low energy coastlines; studying beach profiles and coastal management.

Friday: Day one – leaving Vandyke at 8.00am we travelled to Chesil beach to look at the impacts of destructive waves on a high energy coast; usually students see dangerous waves crashing down on the beach and gale force winds hinder data collection; however this trip it was calm, quiet and remarkably easy to carry out our fieldwork.  We followed this with a nice meal and cracking chocolate cake at our field study centre and an evening session to round off our day.

Saturday: Day 2 – EVEN HOTTER. Temperatures of 30 degrees, needless to say we encouraged all to cover up and wear sun-cream as this day involved 2 beaches and about 7 hours in the sun! Students attained lots of data on Studland and Swanage, both glorious sandy beaches; had an ice cream or two and headed back to the classroom to finish. To add to our excitement we had the whole manor house to ourselves so played a quick round of hide and seek (never too old for this!).

Sunday: Day 3 – nearly home time. Today was more about seeing the magnificent coast rather than the fieldwork (although we still did some) and with the students exhausted from the heat we decided a nice long walk down to Durdle Door then back up and down to Lulworth Cove was in order! Followed by more ice cream! Students loved the view but not so much the walk!

All in all we had a great trip, stunning coastlines, beautiful weather and engaging and funny students; perfect combination for a geography trip. Let’s hope the weather is this nice for the Rivers GCSE trips in July.

Mrs Moore

Team Leader of Geography

Post by Joe