Geography Trip. Measuring Rivers in a drought!

Oct 11, 2022




A delayed Geography trip from the summer finally took place in the second week of term. Thankfully a little bit of rain over the weekend meant we had some water in the brook to measure; although this was considerably lower than previous years.

As part of their GCSE, students must complete 2 days of fieldwork, one physical and one human   enquiry; this is a fantastic opportunity to get students out of the classroom and doing real fieldwork as well as being vital for their paper 3 exam.

Over the 3 days the Geography team took 160 students down to the local brook to investigate velocity, cross sectional area and pebble variations, with the added bonus of looking at some flood management strategies, although these were certainly not in action with the dry summer!

The weather thankfully held out and we didn’t get wet on the walk down, although like all years one student still managed to get wet feet, not through the water being too deep but through holey wellingtons!

 Students, whilst apprehensive about going in the river and conducting fieldwork, came back saying that it was “actually fun”, as us geography geeks knew they would. Who doesn’t love splashing around in a river? We will never know why they doubt us each year!

 Mrs Moore, Head of Geography

Post by Angela