GCSE Science Trip to Warwick University

Feb 24, 2020




In December, 50 GCSE scientists travelled to Warwick University to be inspired by five renowned scientists and communicators.

The programme covered a diverse range of topics:

  • Dr Marty Jopson (scientist and TV presenter) took a look inside a mobile phone and explained the different metal elements that are in a phone and the impact extracting these precious elements has on the earth.
  • Dr Greg Foot explained what happens to your body when you travel to extreme environment like Everest Base Camp. During the interval when Greg was taking questions Year 11 student, Toby Ward, was invited on stage and was able to ask Greg questions and for his autograph.
  • Dr Helen Pilcher explained how advances in genetics have made de-extinction a reality and how the re-appearance of woolly mammoths will soon put an end to the dogma that extinction is forever.

The interactive sessions enabled students to see how the science learned in lessons can be applied to the wider world and hopefully inspire them to become pioneering scientists of the future. It was another thoroughly enjoyable day.

Mrs Davies, Head of Biology

Post by Angela