GCSE Geography Trips

Oct 30, 2017




GCSE Geography Trips

As part of the new Geography GCSE all students must complete 2 days of fieldwork. This year we used a field studies centre to complete a day of  rivers fieldwork in July to test the hypothesis “The discharge, velocity, depth, width and bedload roundness will increase downstream from source  to confluence”. We then travelled to the Queen  Elizabeth Olympic Park in London to investigate “The regeneration of Stratford, Newham was an economic, social and environmental success”.

With a cohort of 128 students we ran each fieldtrip 3 times to ensure all students had a chance to attend. Each and every day was a great success; with all students representing the school well and completing their fieldwork booklets to a standard which will aid them in their unit 3 exams, as well as consolidating topics from paper 1 and paper 2.

Students will now spend a series of lessons getting the fieldwork results written and then practice exam questions ready for their unit 3 exam.

If you wish to see more pictures from the fieldtrip days then please follow us @vandykegeog. Furthermore can we remind all parents and student that Year 11 Geography revision is taking place on a Friday after school until 4pm – this is an open session for content revision which will run until their final unit 3 exam in June.

Mrs Moore

Team Leader of Geography


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