Duke of Edinburgh Silver Expedition

Sep 23, 2019




I did my Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition on the 5th-7th July 2019. After having to get up at 6 o’clock in the morning to be able to embark on our journey, which was a bit fraught, the weekend ahead seemed incredibly daunting and as if the end was very far away. However, I could not have been more wrong; the weekend ahead was full of laughter; pasta making; excessive singing to get over the hills and memorable times at campsites.

I had expected Silver to be very similar to Bronze in regards to how hard it was going to be – in reality it was a lot more challenging than I had anticipated. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to be able to push myself, and by the end I was extremely proud of myself and my team for completing it.

My team, in particular, loved a good singing session on our walks, which wasn’t as enjoyable for some members, but it passed the time and allowed us to take our mind off of those treacherous inclines. The three day expedition was a huge step-up but also a significant improvement from Bronze; you become much closer with your other team members and create a mini “DofE Family” which is always nice to be a part of. Another great thing about Silver is that you complete it in the Peak District. My group, did tend to make fun of me because I would often reference how nice the views were from up high as if I had never seen fields before, nevertheless, I can assure you that the views become significantly more enhanced when you have just walked up a 150m incline and you get to appreciate it with a 5 minute break and some strawberry laces.

Overall, for anyone who is considering doing Duke of Edinburgh, at any level? Just do it. My Vandyke experience has completely changed since deciding to do Duke of Edinburgh- I have made friends for life from doing it and it also has led me onto doing World Challenge, which I completed this summer. I have decided to push onto Gold, as I know that I would not want to turn down the opportunity to do it and doing Duke of Edinburgh will undoubtedly look incredible on your CV. Get involved and just enjoy it.

 Leah Quinn, Year 12 student

Post by Angela