Dan Wright’s Design on our School Christmas Card

Jan 11, 2019




At Vandyke we are always pleased to showcase our students’ work and Christmas always proves a great opportunity to highlight their artistic talents. This year the Vandyke Christmas card was designed by Year 10 student, Dan Wright, and everyone is very pleased with the end result.

Dan’s photography teacher, Mr Bennett, said, “Dan created this striking image after lots of hard work and experimentation. A lot of effort went into getting a specific part of the feather in focus and he’s lit the photograph really well to show off the colours in those out of focus areas. The composition conveys a lovely sense of movement. Dan made some minor tweaks in Photoshop before calling the image finished.”

Dan said, “Photography is a favourite subject of mine. The creativity involved is complex and interesting. It’s a lesson where you can work on what you enjoy and mix your own ideas into it.”

Post by Angela