Curriculum Intent

Students at Vandyke start a three year journey with the opportunity to extend that over a two year A-level course or one year AS-level. This journey has been mapped out to ensure that all students, regardless of prior attainment, have the opportunity to be successful at the end of KS4 and, if moving onto A-level, at KS5. Both these courses also support other A-level subjects.

Two pathways journey from year 9 to 11 which cater for the needs of students aiming for the higher and foundation tier. In year 9, we give students the opportunity to develop their core and fundamental understanding of number, ratio, proportion, algebra and data with parallel pathways meaning we can adjust groups and ensure that each student is on the right journey.

This journey is carefully paced and deliberate with a clear focus on developing the depth of students’ understanding throughout each unit of work. Time is given for summative assessment which works alongside formative assessment, retrieval starters and exercise book marking to ensure all students have developed their understanding before moving on to a new topic. Extra time is given to review the summative assessment and reteach areas of development as well as giving students the opportunity for topic specific enrichment activities.

You can read our full curriculum overview here.

Curriculum maps - Foundation Tier

Curriculum maps - Higher Tier

Curriculum maps - A Level Maths

Curriculum maps - AS Level Maths

Curriculum maps - AS Level Further Maths

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