Creative experience at University of Bedfordshire

Jan 09, 2024




Creative experience at University of Bedfordshire

Last term, nearly 30 media, art and photography students attended an experience day at the University of Bedfordshire. Students were given a task that involved creative cinematography to reflect the overall theme of ‘experimentation’.

The resident expert emphasised the need for creative and imaginative ideas within the media industry. Students produced films involving a variety of special effects and edits – including a rather strange sequence of a student fighting an invisible opponent! Students made use of the Premiere Pro software, which they have access to in school and which can be used to improve their A Level Media coursework projects.

The experience provided an unforgettable introduction to the creative element of the courses the University of Bedfordshire offers to students post A level. The interactive style of the activity and discussion got everyone involved and gave them an insight into the course content and the student lifestyle.

The university’s style of presentation sold the experience students obtain by working together to produce new innovative products, in a way that a typical talk or presentation couldn’t. A fantastic experience for everyone.


Post by Vicky Hunt