Connie Byrne Dances in Taiwan

Jan 21, 2019




In December 2018 Vandyke student, Connie Byrne (Year 13) visited Taiwan for 2 weeks to perform with Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance. Here is what she said of her brilliant adventure:

We performed in three different cities. We started in Taipei, which is Taiwan’s main city where we performed at the National Taiwan Sport University Stadium. Here we did four shows and the feeling of that first performance is unbelievable. When you hear the crowd of people for the first time, cheering, clapping and whooping it gives you goose bumps. Then when you hear the music and it all seems real, the tears are inevitable. After that first show, I felt so happy; my dream of performing with Lord of the Dance came true. Then we moved onto the next city of Kaohsiung where we performed at the Kaohsiung Arena to 15,000 people. It was an amazing experience to perform in front of that many people and atmosphere was incredible. Finally, we performed at the Taichung Fulfilment Amphitheatre in Taichung, which was my personal favourite, because it was a rare opportunity to perform in an amphitheatre, especially to a sell-out audience of 10,000.

This experience also taught me what happens backstage which as an audience we do not realise; the dancers doing 9 hours a day rehearsal to be perfect for the shows; the amount of hours costume department puts into cleaning and altering the costumes and how quickly they have to dress the dancers between dances. Not to mention the staging team who spend hours building the set and taking it down to move onto the next city and finally, the work of the managers and producers of the show.

My experience was a dream come true because at 17 years of age I got to achieve my lifelong dream and perform with Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance, which is an experience I will never forget.

Connie Byrne, Year 13 student

Post by Angela