‘Conflict and Peace’ – Commercial Music Performance

Mar 26, 2019




On Wednesday 13th March, the Commercial Music classes took to the stage to perform in Elysia Atkins’ and Danny Webley’s final showcase, titled ‘Conflict and Peace’.

The brief was to perform a fifteen minute set of songs, which reflected either conflict, peace or a combination of the two. The Year 12 Commercial Music group opened the show with an array of genres from musical theatre to indie-rock, which demonstrated their versatile musicianship. Danny Webley kicked off the show post-interval with an eclectic mix of The Cranberries, The Beatles and Guns ‘n’ Roses to convey a sense of world conflict with songs such as ‘Zombie’ and ‘Civil War’. A cameo appearance from Ali Payne, who read a synopsis about each of the songs in the set, was an added bonus!

To provide some contrast to the evening, Elysia Atkins focussed her set on the conflict and peace found in human relationships. ‘Million Dreams’ from The Greatest Showman was a powerful opening to her showcase, which soared into ‘Helium’ by Sia and resolved with ‘Yours’ by Ella Henderson, showing that the person had found peace within their relationship. Kudos to Ewan Whalley, Kerry Sawyer, Ben Lucas and Amy Entwistle, who had a whole host of songs to learn for the evening.

It was a pleasure to see the show come together after three months of rehearsals and a huge well done to everyone involved. Thank you to staff and students who came to watch and supported our wonderful bunch of musicians.

Miss Doe, Team Leader of Music

Post by Angela