Class of 2017 End of Year Event

Sep 11, 2017




Class of 2017 End of Year Event

Year 11 students along with a number of staff had a great evening at the end of year with a party at Leighton Buzzard Rugby Club. The evening was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and symbolically draw an end to 3 years at Vandyke.

The boys were dressed to impress in their suits (everyone in very smart shoes), and the girls looked elegant in their evening wear (although quite a few pairs of shoes had to be taken off or simply replaced with something more comfortable), arriving in a number of cars from top of the range sports cars to magnificent vintage cars. Lots of friends and family were there at the drop off, and even a stormtrooper made an appearance!

All students were given a ‘wish balloon’, and this made for a colourful and spectacular sight as they were all released at the same time. Students danced the night away with some pretty impressive dance moves, and not even the music system failures could spoil the fun. Students simply started singing songs of choice, whilst the problem got fixed. It was great to see our local police officers, who dropped by, joining in the fun of the evening particularly on the dance floor.

Mr Skelton, Director of Year 11, said “The evening was wonderful and an excellent way to finish the year for this fantastic group of students who have worked very hard this year. The students were impeccably behaved, earning compliments from the Rugby Club staff.  It really was a night to remember!”





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