Box Clever Theatre present Macbeth to Y10

May 13, 2024




Box Clever Theatre present Macbeth to Y10

Last week, the English department were delighted to once again welcome Box Clever Theatre, who performed their adaptation of Macbeth and led a workshop for students in Y10.

This was a wonderful opportunity to see the play live, and enhance students’ understanding of the text ahead of their exams. The entire work was performed by just three actors, with the support of students who were pulled on stage to participate in key scenes such as the death of Banquo, Macbeth’s coronation banquet and the final battle.

Students enjoyed getting involved and responded enthusiastically to calls for volunteers in the workshop. They had the opportunity to discuss the key themes in the play, evaluate stagecraft and take part in a choreographed fight scene under the guidance of the professional actors.

Well done to Y10 for embracing this opportunity, and huge thanks to our guests for providing such an inspiring experience.


Post by Vicky Hunt