Big Bang Fair 2021

Sep 13, 2021




This year’s Big Bang Fair was once more planned as a digital online event; this year’s focus was how STEM could change the world including human challenges and the environment so we decided that it was a great opportunity to have a collaboration between Maths, Science, IT and Geography. This meant that even more students could take part in the exciting range of inspirational and educational events – some of which were live, whilst others were ‘on demand’ so groups could join in at any time.

Wednesday 23rd June to Friday 25th June saw a programme of different online events both during lessons and at break time.  Some of the highlights of the week were the three ‘Meet the Future You’ sessions, especially the online panel discussion with female  engineers, to celebrate the International Women in Engineering Day. The ‘Mission to Mars’ was a particular favourite of the  Science Department, this involved building a research and development settlement on Mars. Whilst the ‘Adventures in Eco science’ by Stefan Gates, which included looking at biofuel as a replacement for fossil fuels, was also very  popular.

“After the ‘meet the future you’ session on building a brighter future, I found it amazing that one of the engineers had designed a camera small enough to fit in the blood stream.” – Harriette

“Watching the climate crisis session made me realise how much I could easily change in my day-to-day life to help the environment” – Lola

Mr Bowes

Post by Angela