Battle of the Bands

Apr 25, 2022




A band in Year 13 (Madi Bishop, Ellen Baxter, Ben Lucas, Toby Arnold and Theo Quick) were lucky enough to experience performing live at an established music venue, The Stables, on Monday 21st March.

The performance was part of the annual Bedfordshire ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition, which comprised several bands from upper schools and Sixth Form colleges in Central Bedfordshire. Due to Covid, the competition had a two-year hiatus, so we were all very excited for its return this year, albeit with some restrictions. Each band was required to choose two songs to perform at the competition, with ours selecting ‘About You Now’ by Sugababes and ‘Runaway Baby’ by Bruno Mars.  The format of the evening consisted of a thirty-minute allocated recording slot, where the band sound checked on stage before performing their two songs.

Miss Beckwith accompanied the band to the venue and her feedback to me in covid isolation was, “They smashed it!” This was supported by an email received from the competition organiser who sung their praises for their great performance, as well as for being a lovely group of students who “did the school proud.”

The performance will be live streamed in early May, as well as having the winners announced. In our eyes, we are simply thrilled that these five students were able to experience a performance at a prestigious venue, but we shall keep our fingers crossed for a winning place!

 Miss Doe, Team Leader of Music

Post by Angela