Battle of the Bands

May 23, 2022




On Thursday 5th May, the Music Department held a screening to broadcast the live stream of the Bedfordshire Battle of the Bands competition that took place on the 23rd March this year.

Our Sixth Form band consisting of Madi Bishop, Toby Arnold, Ellen Baxter, Theo Quick and Ben Lucas, took part in the event, where they performed two covers, ‘About You Now’ by Sugababes and ‘Runaway Baby’ by Bruno Mars.

Every band was such a high calibre, which made it a thoroughly enjoyable event to watch from start to finish; it is incredible to see how much talent we have in Bedfordshire schools.

Ben Bottone, the event organiser from Inspiring Music, said that Vandyke’s band were “amazing” and “(how) it was a very close run choice” in selecting the overall winners.

During the judging process, the five students were complimented on how their performance was a “team effort” with “amazing individual performances that banded together to make something even bigger.” He also stated, “There was some great lead guitar playing in About You Now, but the lead singer’s voice in Runaway Baby was just amazing…she has such a powerful voice, it was really quite moving to hear it.”

We are so very proud of them all and they demonstrated the team spirit that we encourage at our school.  Well done, everyone!

Miss Doe, Head of Music

Post by Angela