Art trip to Oxford

Nov 12, 2018




A coach crammed full of Year 10 and Year 12 artists visited the Pitt Rivers and Natural History museums in Oxford on Wednesday 10th October. It was a perfect sunny autumn day for a day out at these fantastic museums.

The natural history museum is a wonderful Victorian building of glass, iron and stone and contains a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton as well as other dinosaur fossils, a dodo, a living bee hive, and many other weird and wonderful creatures. The Pitt Rivers museum is right next door and houses around half a million human-made objects that include a three-storey high totem pole and collections of religious artefacts, weapons, armour, masks, an Egyptian mummy and shrunken heads. Unfortunately, the witch in a bottle (!) was on loan to another museum.

Students spent a few hours using their drawing skills and techniques learnt in lessons to make drawings of the exhibits which will be used to create new work for the GCSE coursework.

 Mr Bennett

Team Leader of Art and Photography

Post by Angela