A Level PE Trip to Silverstone

Jan 09, 2023




On 25th November the A Level PE students managed to bag their own Black Friday Bargain via a trip to the Silverstone Interactive Museum and the Silverstone Sports Engineering Hub Wind Tunnel.

As part of their course students need to know about factors affecting downforce and friction in F1 performance, what better way than to see the cars and parts up close through a mini-lecture and then time around the museum. Students were lucky enough to compare wheels that had been used by Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton to cement their  theoretical knowledge. However, most students would agree the wind tunnel and performance lab experience were the highlights of the trip.

Students were able to participate in experiments in the wind tunnel and see in real time the data generated on drag as well as understanding the importance of technology in sport for marginal gains. This wealth of knowledge directly relates to the exam content, with many students expressing how grateful they were for this day, improving their understanding of these advanced principles & applications. It’s safe to say, this trip may become a regular!

 Miss Pearson, PE Department

Post by Angela