GCSE Geography Fieldwork

Oct 07, 2019




In September, Year 11 geographers visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to research the success of Olympic regeneration project as part of their paper 3 GCSE preparation.

They toured the park, taking in sights such as the Aquatic Centre, the new West Ham Stadium and the Copper Box Arena, and interviewed local residents to get their opinions on how successful the regeneration had been. Including   accidentally meeting the Head of Urban Planning in 2012 while we were carrying out interviews. They also collected information on improvements to the environment and measured how busy different parts of the park are so that they could judge how successful the regeneration has been. Students even got to spend some time experiencing one of Europe’s largest urban shopping centres when they visited Westfield Stratford for their lunch break – for many this was the highlight of the day! Due to the progressively wet weather over the week students didn’t get to play on the play parks this year but I’m sure all will agree it was a fun and productive day.

Overall, the students concluded the regeneration has been a success, although it is still a work in progress, with many liking the area so much they said they could happily visit there in the future!

Mrs Moore, Team Leader of Geography

Post by Angela