Year 12 Legal Work Experience

Apr 23, 2019




I was able to secure a week’s work experience in March with local solicitors’ firm Austin and Carnley. It was an invaluable experience that allowed me to see law in a more practical perspective. I worked with three different criminal solicitor advocates throughout the week – a solicitor advocate being one who is trained to argue in the higher courts and has undertaken a separate qualification to do this (Certificate of Advocacy). The main solicitor I shadowed was Senior Partner David Backhouse.

I spent four days in both Luton and Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Courts watching cases tried by both magistrates and a Judge. I saw a variety of cases ranging from assaults, ABH and intent to supply class A drugs. I also observed client meetings and helped to complete different forms and I spent a day in the office watching some police interviews; learning how they are conducted and reading some of the current cases.

Overall it was an interesting experience which allowed me to reinforce the law I have learned throughout the course so far and cemented my desire to join the profession.

Joshua Huntley

Year 12 Law student

Post by Angela