Gold Duke of Edinburgh Assessed Expedition

Oct 29, 2018




Gold Duke of Edinburgh Assessed Expedition

DofE gold is the best and most challenging thing I have ever done, but it is so worth it for the sense of achievement and most importantly for the laughs you have with your team. Pushing yourself is important and DofE really tests you!

Our assessed expedition started with a long minibus ride to the Lake District followed by a meal, we camped that night knowing that the next day we would summit Scafell Pike. This was a lot harder than Snowdon as the route was much more challenging and the weather conditions were not ideal. The second day brought us 2 big hills and some rain. The third day was the day we went a little off route… unfortunately for us it was raining very heavily, we had to cross through a beck and scramble up wet plants to get back on the footpath. This was where I discovered that my hydration pack had failed and vimto had leaked all in my bag!

The last day was an early start; for some reason that our team can’t remember, we decided to summit Catbells. What a mistake that was. It was raining so badly all day we actually wore the waterproof trousers we all swore we would never be seen in. The top of Catbells is deceiving and never as close as you think. Nevertheless we made it to the top without being blown off. Despite all of the events, nothing beats cooking on a trangia with your team in a field every night. The memories I have made on DofE are something that I will never forget. From DofE I have developed massive amounts of confidence and a really good ability to work well in a team. Keeping in high spirits all the way through and staying motivated is key, and the whole team adopted a positive attitude throughout, no matter what the circumstances. One thing that kept us motivated all the way through was the McDonalds we all get at the end and of course, dressing up fancy and going to St James’ Palace.

Victoria Nash

Year 13 student


Miss Gibbs and I are proud of both teams for showing so much resilience throughout their practice and assessed expeditions. We are also delighted with the positive comments we received from the very experienced assessor: “I have been assessing gold expeditions for fifty years and have not assessed any teams in the last thirty years who have climbed Scafell Pike as part of their expedition!” Our students thought it was an expectation and were eager to climb it having made the summit of Snowdon on their practice expedition and of course, they all did.

Congratulations to you all – Victoria Nash, Holly Sherringham, Katie Westlake-Tritton, Catherine Daly, Curtis Cutler, Jack Potter, Hannah Dimmock, Amy Robertson, Amy Capon and Hannah Hook.

 Mrs Green

Post by Angela