24 Hour Bounce-a-thon

Mar 09, 2020




A massive well done to our Sports Leaders and Cheerleaders who completed a 24 hour Bounce-a-thon on Friday 14th February. The event was planned to help raise money in order to purchase gymnastics equipment for our new cheerleading activity. This equipment will allow us to offer new activities including our extra-curricular Cheerleading club. The event started at 4pm on Friday and finished at 4pm on Saturday. The students worked together to ensure that one member of the team was always bouncing on the trampoline for the entire 24 hours. Their tactic was to divide in to 4 groups and complete 1 hour at a time as a group.

With the aid of some great music choices at 4am, a very timely Domino’s Pizza and the occasional 30 minute power nap, the students absolutely smashed this challenge.

I am very proud of all our students as even though there was little sleep had by all involved, both teachers and students, the students displayed amazing attitudes throughout the whole event, making the 24 hours fly by and a very enjoyable experience overall.

Mr Moodie, PE Department

Mr Turney added: “Thanks to everybody who came to show support, and a huge thank you to Mr Moodie, Mr Winch, Miss Pollard and Mrs Ward. These events take considerable planning and organisation. We are all extremely grateful for their time and effort.”

Post by Angela