London 2022 A day in the Big City

Nov 01, 2022




160 Year 11s and 28 Year 13 Geography students descended on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park over 3 days to investigate regeneration successes within London.

The park is now one of the most researched locations in Europe and was extremely popular with other schools there during our visit. This has meant we have adapted our locations and investigations to allow students to complete the fieldwork requirements for the exam, have a nice day and not frustrate local residents with their investigations!

As always students were impeccably well behaved and carried out the fieldwork investigation with enthusiasm, retrieving lots of prior learning on the topic. The favourite part of the day is always lunchtime where students can sample an array of fast food takeaway venues. Combined with an afternoon play on the large play park near the West Ham stadium and a traffic free journey home; everyone had a fantastic time.

Students decided the regeneration has been a success and they would happily live in the area; for some this could be a reality with the new media and creative arts campus for UCL being built on the East Bank.

A fantastic three days Year 11. Well done.

The Geography Team

Post by Angela