Splendid Productions Workshop for GCSE & A Level Drama Students

Mar 14, 2022




All our GCSE and A-level Drama students had a  fantastic opportunity when Splendid Productions brought their production of “UBU” to our theatre.

“UBU” is a new creative adaption of Alfred Jarry’s surrealist classic. It explored, power, leadership and ambition with a heady concoction of music, laughter, politics, foolishness and hard-hitting theatrical nonsense.

Year 11 student Josh said “I liked the ambiguity and strangeness of the plot and how not everything was explained, it left it open for our own interpretation”.

Following the performance the A-level students and Year 11 students who are opting for Drama in Year 12 had high-level workshops with artistic director Kerry Frampton and actor Scott Smith. The students explored space, movement and characterisation.

From the workshop experience Josh added “I was fascinated by the idea of creating your physicality and using breath to portray your character instead of focusing on vocal skills”.

Kerry Frampton states, “the instant, unfiltered response of a young audience is the greatest asset for creating theatre that engages everyone, while the energy and curiosity of young workshop  participants constantly challenges us to be more intellectually rigorous, physically adventurous and theatrically inventive on stage”.

It was a privilege to see over 100 students together enjoying live theatre.

Mrs Allsopp, Team Leader of Drama

Post by Angela