Student voice

At Vandyke we have a thriving student voice programme involving any student who wishes to be involved.  Student Voice Conference 2 - Sep10Student leadership groups are established in:
• Teaching and learning
• Charity/fundraising
• Middle school liason
• Praise and reward

Students are involved with Action groups during registration every week A.  Student leaders encourage as many students as possible to become involved in an action group, which includes anti- bullying, fundraising, middle school liaison, V-inspired, and teaching and learning groups.  Year group meetings are also held once a month.

Activities include events during Anti Bullying week, participation in the LC2 Student Voice conference, a charity hamper collection for Christmas for the elderly in the community and The Leighton Linslade Homeless Service.

Students run focus groups every week B, where students are selected to discuss issues relating to the school community.  Students are also trained and are training as students as learning partners.

This year students as learning partners will be working with a variety of subjects to share ideas on motivation and achievement.  It is the intention of the group to hear as many students' voices as possible.  Regular feedback to the Head Teacher and governors is essential.

In July the students led the Learning Community 2 Student Voice conference where students from lower, middle and upper schools worked together on a project.