South Africa

Students from Phakama High School, Cape Coast

Since April 2008 Vandyke Upper School has developed a strong and committed long term working relationship with Phakama Secondary School, Western Cape, South Africa, initially through the “Dreams and Teams programme” and over recent years through the London 2012 Olympic Legacy programme “International Inspirations”.

International Inspiration uses the power of sport, high quality PE and play to transform the lives of millions of children and young people of all abilities in schools and communities across the world, particularly in developing countries. International Inspiration hopes to reach 12 million children in 20 countries by 2012. UK Sport, in partnership with the British Council and UNICEF, lead in the delivery of the programme.

Three Bedfordshire Schools, Vandyke, Biddenham and Redborne have been linked to three schools in the Western Cape, South Africa: H F Van Cutsem School, Phakama Secondary School and Beaufort West School.
In order to develop our united vision, over the years there has been bi annual Student and Staff exchanges.  South African Staff have been trained to deliver Sports Leadership awards and deliver Basic Moves programmes, thus empowering staff and learners. In additional over the years there has been a mutual exchanging of cultural traditions with Phakama’s learners teaching Vandyke’s students a range of indigenous games, sports and pastimes.

During the exchanges students and staff have also worked on developing sports events with  “Festivals of Sports” being organised for each other’s feeder schools.
Through the partnerships between Vandyke Upper School and Phakama Secondary School, we've found that young people benefit from, the activities, build confidence, self-esteem and life skills, helping and encouraging them to realise their ambition and full potential.

Following the experience of the programme the following quotes highlight the impact the programme has had upon their lives
Athenkosi Hondwana – A Young Leader from Phakama
QUOTE “ Through being an International Inspiration Leader – I have more confidence in myself and I will be there in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 representing South Africa in Basketball, just you watch me Sir!”

Mr Mahanjana a Teacher from Phakama
QUOTE “Basic Moves that we have learned to deliver should form a integral part of physical education component of Life Orientation. This will help us to gain the maximum benefit from International Inspirations”

Asamkela Nongwendu a Young Leader from Phakama
QUOTE “ It was good to interact with learners from the UK and to share problems that we experience daily, I was surprised to find that we share common problems!”

Mr Seymour – Partnerhsip Games and Development Manager from Vandyke
QUOTE “I have been extremely fortunate to be part of the International Inspiration programme; it has given a true sense of fulfilment. The dedication I have seen from the South African staff and students to make the most of their situations and opportunities is an inspiration to us all. The respect they have for gaining a good education is second to none. I have also made some lifelong friends.”