Policy on piercings

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Please could all parents/carers spend a few minutes reading the important information that is contained here.


When we offer a place to a student at Vandyke we do so on the basis that parents/carers and students understand and accept the school’s policies and expectations.  Our policy on piercings is very clear and we expect all parents and students to follow it.  The purpose of this leaflet is to remind you of our policy and to make it clear what will happen if students breach the policy.


  • Piercings are limited to ear and nose.  Nose piercings are limited to a single stud, no rings.
  • Ear piercings are limited to one pair of small earrings or studs.  No large hoops or other earrings are allowed.
  • No other piercings are allowed and this includes lip, face, eyebrow, neck, etc.MMA_VanDyke_2010_1_281


  • A students who arrives at school with piercings other than those allowed will be given the opportunity to remove the item.
  • Any refusal to do so will result in the student   completing lessons in the Achievement Support Centre until a meeting is convened with a parent/carer.
  • During the meeting the parent/carer and student will sign a declaration that the student will abide by the school’s policy.
  • Any further breaches of the policy will lead to the student being withdrawn to the Achievement Support Centre. At this stage further disciplinary sanctions may result including involvement of the governing body.
  • At no stage will a student be sent home unless a formal exclusion is deemed appropriate. In such circumstances parents will be contacted. Students will complete their lessons in the Achievement Support Centre and will be denied the opportunity to circulate at  social time (break and lunch) until the matter is resolved in line with school policy.

We thank parents in anticipation of their support for this clear policy.