Mobile phone and music player policy

MMA_VanDyke_2010_1_430MMA_VanDyke_2010_2_138“Making learning matter for everyone”

Please could all staff/parents/carers spend a few minutes reading the important information that is contained in this leaflet.


  • At Vandyke we wish to treat all our students as young adults. This involves providing our students with more freedom but within a framework that  encourages responsibility.
  • With respect to mobile phones, iPods and other personal music players our policy is to discourage students from bringing these items into school. We believe however, that students and parents/carers should have some choice in this matter and for this reason we do not currently ban such items.
  • We do expect all students to follow our clear policy which is detailed in this leaflet and accept that if they breach this policy then clear consequences will result.
  • Furthermore, Vandyke does not accept any responsibility for the damage or loss of such items in school.


  • During lessons and all other learning situations   mobile phones, iPods and other music  players must be switched off and stored in bags or lockers. These items must not be visible at any time during these learning situations.
  • Students are permitted to use such items responsibly at break and lunchtime.
  • Students must not use phones to film or take photographs of other students, staff or visitors at any time in school. This is a breach of the law regarding privacy and confidentiality. Such action will result in serious sanctions being imposed.
  • Bullying by text or picture phone will be treated very seriously and may result in Exclusion and the involvement of our Police  Liaison Officer.


  • Students who are found to be using or attempting to use mobile phones, iPods or other music players during learning time will have them confiscated by the senior member of staff ‘on call’.
  • The item will be placed in an envelope labelled with the student’s name and secured in school safe.
  • Details of the item will be logged centrally and  parents/carers contacted to inform them of the confiscation.
  • The item(s) will be returned when a parent/carer is able to arrange to come into school to collect it.
  • If a student breaches this school rule on more than one occasion they will lose the right to bring such items to school.

This policy is designed to support staff and the majority of students who understand and appreciate the importance of well ordered classrooms and expectations that facilitate effective learning.

Please support us in
‘Making Learning Matter For Everyone’

Thank you