Information/consultation events

We value the involvement of parents and carers in your son/ daughter's education.  We know that home and school working closely together is key to every student's success.  Consequently we have a series of formal events in the school calendar to facilitate this as well as staff in the year offices always ready to respond to parental contact through a short conversation on the telephone or by arranging a meeting in school.
At the beginning of each school year we hold our Information Evenings for each year group.  These are special events for parents and carers to attend with your son/daughter when we introduce the new school year, look forward to the year ahead and discuss learning and achievement and how we will be working to ensure that all students make the very most from their time in school.
Every student receives three written progress reports each year.  Two of these are linked to opportunities to come into school to discuss progress with the tutor and his/ her teachers.
Should a parent or carer wish to receive a progress update at any other time in the year this can be arranged.  Staff are always available to meet to discuss progress and this can be arranged by telephoning or sending an email to the main school office.
All of the key dates are in the school calendar which is available on the website and frequently updated.  Our fortnightly newsletter, Vandyke Voice, also carries news of any calendar changes.

2017/18 consultation/information evenings

Year 9

Tuesday 26 September: year 9 evening
Thursday 16 November: subject consultation
Thursday 25 January: options evening
Thursday 1 February: subject consultation
Thursday 14 June: new year 10 learning evening

Year 10

Wednesday 20 September: year 10 evening
Thursday 9 November: subject consultation
Thursday 22 February: subject consultation

Year 11

Wednesday 13 September: year 11 evening
Thursday 12 October: subject consultation
Thursday 18 January: subject consultation

Year 12

Thursday 14 September: year 12 evening
Thursday 30 November: subject consultation
Thursday 1 March: tutor/UCAS evening

Year 13

Thursday 7 December: subject consultation
Thursday 15 March: subject consultation