Smile Malawi founder visits Vandyke

Published on 22 January 2018

Smile Malawi founder visits Vandyke

Sixth Form students were delighted last month when Elspeth Baeke, the founder of Smile Malawi, a charity that rescues vulnerable, orphaned children in Malawi and provides them with a home and education revisited Vandyke to give students an update on the work of the organisation. 

Vandyke students have raised thousands of pounds in the last 10 years to support the charity and Elspeth was astonished and delighted again with this year’s total of £3,200.  Elspeth explained that the money Vandyke students had raised would fund the orphanage for a whole month!

Director of Sixth Form, Mr Downey, was full of praise for the students. “They worked so hard, planned so well and delivered some excellent fundraising events. To raise such a large amount of money in such a short period of time is a fantastic achievement.  We are really proud of all of them.” 

He also paid tribute to the large number of staff who joined in throughout the week. “It was really great  to see so many staff who were willing to contribute in all sorts of ways.  It was a special atmosphere; staff and students having fun together, raising money for a very important cause but remaining focused at the same time on the important business of teaching and learning.  It was a great week and one which epitomised the huge strengths of our school community.”