Year 12 Law Students take part in a Mock Trial

Published on 05 July 2017

Year 12 Law Students take part in a Mock Trial

The Year 12 Law class of 2017 took part in a MOOT (mock trial) on Friday 16th June. They spent three weeks preparing a case for the prosecution of 'Jo Hicks' and the defence of the woman, who was accused of GBH against a man who was intruding in the home she shares with her two young children. A local Lay Magistrate, Catherine McIntosh, came into school to preside over the trial and help pass down 'sentencing'.

Year 12 Psychology students engaged with the exciting opportunity by participating as members of a randomly selected jury and the public gallery.  The jury deliberated and returned a not guilty verdict for the young defendant.                                                                                                                        

All law students took roles within the activity, either as solicitors, legal clerks, witnesses or administrators. They worked incredibly hard and the end result was fantastic. Mr Downey and Mr Carroll were both very pleased and enjoyed watching the trial unfold.

Miss Christmas Da Silva