Geography Rocks in Snowdonia!

Published on 18 July 2017

Geography Rocks in Snowdonia!

Twenty A Level Geographers have just spent 3 days enjoying the amazing landscape of Snowdonia, Wales.  The purpose of the trip was to develop knowledge and understanding of how glacial processes can shape landscapes, to practise carrying out fieldwork activities and collect data for their A Level coursework.

Day 1 saw us drenched by driving rain, hiking up Cwm Idwal, trying to make out a glacial corrie and tarn, despite being shrouded in cloud.  Everybody was soaked through but there was a lot of laughter as we trudged down the paths, which had turned into streams, and back to the warmth of the Field Studies Centre.

On day 2 we ventured to the Snowdonia coastline to carry out fieldwork on the glacial moraine.  I’m not sure who was more excited by the yellow hard hats and use of hammers; the students or the teachers.  Luckily the sun shone whilst we carried out fieldwork and learnt about other glacial features such as kames and eskers.

On our final day we were also blessed with sunshine and fabulous views down the Nant Ffrancon valley to pick out more glacial features and carry out measurements of glacial striations and moraine.

Students worked really hard and have returned home with both geographical knowledge and great memories including the “beautiful views”, “cute sheep” “falling down a hole in Friday’s slight drizzle” and the tutor’s habit of “sniffing sediment and being very excited by rocks”.

Mrs Smyth, Mrs Akers-Jarvis and Miss Pears