Tim Schoon - Talent Inspiration Programme Success

Published on 05 June 2017

Tim Schoon  - Talent Inspiration Programme Success

Year 10 student, Tim Schoon, has been accepted onto the Talent Inspiration Programme (TIP) that will be held in August this year. The programme brings together 150 young aspiring athletes from across the country to participate in a residential learning experience.

The event takes place at Loughborough University, and involves 150 like minded athletes from across the country.  

Throughout the programme experienced Athlete Mentors bring to life the world of an elite athlete and the journey it takes to reach the top. Young people have the opportunity to get involved in theoretical workshops, practical sessions and an opportunity to experience what it is like at a multi-sport event. The programme is designed to inspire young aspiring athletes and to encourage them to start thinking about how they can reach their potential and the impact that will have on their development as a young person.

It has been quite a year for Tim who also has been selected to play for the National team in an upcoming U16 international tournament to be held in Paris. Some 60 nations are due to be represented at the World Games event. Such is Tim’s success to date that he has also been asked to attend the U18 national training camp that will be held in Denmark by the England Handball Academy where he will get the chance to train alongside the Danish National team.

Tim already represents and captains the East of England team plus his local club, The Olycats, have also reached the National Finals that will be held in Manchester shortly.

Good luck Tim over the coming months!

Mr Turney

PE Department