GCSE Students go BANANAS!

Published on 19 June 2017

GCSE Students go BANANAS!

On the day that the vast majority of students complete their final GCSE examination and now look forward to a very well earned holiday and of course results day in August. I reflect on how well the year group approached the final months of Year 11; the run up to the exams; the warm up sessions; and the actual exams themselves. Students prepared themselves well, were punctual and many even planned their diet for best effect, including plenty of water.

This year saw a very generous added layer of support from our local Morrisons, in the form of donated bananas. These were offered to students after several of the major core examinations as a healthy snack, and were extremely well received.

Although bananas were not the chosen fruit for one or two students, it was refreshing to see huge numbers of students take up the offer of some fruit and dispel the myth that teenagers would rather have an unhealthy snack. It was also very pleasing that not one banana skin found its way onto the pavement!

Well done Year 11, and thank you Morrisons.

Mr Skelton

Director of Year 11