Outstanding Science Practical Monitoring Visit

Published on 17 April 2017

Outstanding Science Practical Monitoring Visit

The Biology department recently received an A-level science practical endorsement monitoring visit from AQA on behalf of all exam boards. Since the introduction of the new specification, all schools have to be assessed and validated to ensure that A level students’ practical ability can be endorsed by the lead teacher.

During the visit the monitor commented on exemplary planning of all 12 core practicals and excellent awareness of the Common Practical Assessment Criteria (CPAC).

Students were observed demonstrating impressive practical skills which were supported by confident explanations of what they were doing and why.   It was also noted that students take immense pride in their lab books and obviously spend a great deal of time compiling written reports for each of the 12 practicals.

Overall students were seen to be demonstrating a very secure understanding, and more importantly, application of the different competencies.  Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments are now covered for a further 2 years to correctly endorse the practical abilities of all of our students.

Many thanks to the whole science team and technicians, especially Jenny Muskett for making the day pass off so smoothly.

Mrs Davies

Head of Biology