Year 12 Geography Trip to Birmingham

Published on 13 March 2017

Year 12 Geography Trip to Birmingham

On Thursday 9th February, the Geography students from Year 12 went on a fieldtrip to Birmingham city centre. The aim of the trip was to collect information about the regeneration and rebranding of certain areas of Birmingham.

After having a slight issue with the trains due to a signal failure, we managed to get to New Street Station and from there we walked to the ICC, where we prepared to carry out the first part of our data collection.  Initially, we all went to Brindley Place, and in small groups, carried out the different surveys that we had created prior to our trip. This included footfall surveys and pedestrian questionnaires.

After spending time out in the freezing cold, we then headed to the Bullring Shopping Centre, where we had time to have some lunch and carry out another set of surveys - no rest for us!

The last destination for our fieldtrip was the Grand Central Station and Shopping Centre, where not surprisingly we carried out more surveys, although these ones didn't take long to do. Following that, we had time for a quick group picture before heading to the platform to catch our train home.

Overall, the day was actually a lot of fun; we managed to see parts of Birmingham City Centre that otherwise we might not have done, and also got a chance to look around a few of the many shops that are in the shopping centres we visited. But most importantly, the trip was effective in helping us to gather information that we may need for our independent study that we will doing later on this year.

Megan Desmond 

Year 12 Geographer