Project 2K17

Published on 24 February 2017

Project 2K17

Year 9 students have spent the past six weeks testing the theory that Challenge + Opportunity + Motivation = Growth!

Each tutor group were given a challenge: from learning to juggle, to completing the Rubik’s cube, from learning Japanese to mastering magic and even becoming stacking cup superstars! Every individual had a challenge: to learn a new skill (or improve on an existing one!). Thus commenced weeks of perseverance and (at times) frustration. Many individuals thrived and were clearly champions who displayed grit and determination. Others found it more difficult to maintain motivation in the face of obstacles and adversity.

All tutor groups in Year 9 were then invited to reflect on what they learnt about themselves as learners. Do they embrace challenges and show an innate desire to improve? Are they willing to learn from others who are finding it less challenging? How do they respond to constructive criticism – do they become despondent or do they evaluate and adapt their methods? Every student who participated developed an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, which is a great start to understanding what type of a learner you are. Every student has the challenge and the opportunity at Vandyke to flourish and succeed. Having the motivation to seek continual improvement can be the vital missing ingredient.

Next up? Year 10!

Mrs Quinn