Michael Carter in Malawi

Published on 06 February 2017

Michael Carter in Malawi

Michael left Vandyke last summer and is waiting to start his university course in March to become a paramedic. He seized the opportunity to venture back to Malawi and the Smile Malawi Orphanage, having first visited the country and orphanage with Vandyke on a World Challenge expedition in 2015.

Before Michael left England, he pestered everyone for toys and clothes that he could take with him for the children to a point where he found he was overwhelmed with the response and had to sweet talk the airline to allow it all on with no “excess baggage”!

Michael has planned a month’s trip, based at the orphanage and the village school.  He has been involved in helping all of the children at the orphanage with their English, Maths and other curriculum subjects, as well as preparing meals, shopping and just generally playing and chatting with them.

Alongside this Michael has thrown himself into helping the village school (Machamba) by teaching some Geography and History lessons, which is no mean feat when there are 150/200 children sitting in front of you! You also need to be aware that he would have had NO RESOURCES other than chalk and a blackboard!

Michael’s comments so far – “The kids are literally the greatest kids on earth.” “So, so awesome and cute.”

I would like to wish Michael the best of luck for the remainder of his trip and every success at university!

Mrs Green