Anne Frank - A History for Today

Published on 27 February 2017

Anne Frank - A History for Today

Selected students from Year 9 have enjoyed a remarkable opportunity which has seen them grow in confidence and demonstrate outstanding leadership. The Anne Frank Trust partnered with Bedfordshire Police and the Police Crime  Commissioner to run an acclaimed educational exhibition programme to teach students about the life, persecution and legacy of Anne Frank.  27 students were trained as guides for the exhibition which ran for one week in January. Subsequently the students led tours for other students across the school community from Years 9-13. Small groups  of students from Brooklands and Gilbert Inglefield Middle School also attended the exhibition.

The story of Anne Frank was chosen as a way of communicating the impact of hate-crime. Students were asked to reflect on key themes including prejudice and abuse before applying those familiar concepts to the historical narrative of the Nazification of Germany culminating in the Holocaust. Sergeant James Hart provided an insight into the reality of hate crime in our local   area.  He helped students appreciate who might be targeted, why and what behaviour constituted a hate crime. The message of the workshop was clear: prejudice and abuse are unacceptable every day of the year, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The Year 9 students received commendations for their maturity, conduct and expertise. They    confidently articulated their specialist knowledge and communicated the significance of the events fervently and appropriately. Each student took responsibility for learning their area of the exhibition and showed real courage in speaking in front of large groups of their peers. Evidently the programme’s vision to educate young people through youth ambassadors is  powerful and clearly endorsed the importance of respect for all.

Well done to every student involved.

The History Team