Travel and Tourism Trip to Brighton

Published on 12 December 2016

Travel and Tourism Trip to Brighton

What a long day, but well worth it! It was extremely cold and dark when we met at school at 7.00am for our trip to Brighton. There is no easy way to get from Leighton Buzzard to Brighton so we had to suffer the traffic like all the commuters!

We arrived in Brighton to beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies.  We walked along the seafront looking at the different hotels, thinking about the types of tourists that would use them. Following on from this we enjoyed some time on the pier, again thinking about the different categories of tourists who would enjoy the facilities and which ones. We then headed to the Royal Pavilion and museum for a specific Travel and Tourism tour which was fascinating hearing about the number and types of visitors and how they promote the facilities.

Finally we wandered around “The Lanes” where I was able to point out the quirky shops and quaint streets which the students enjoyed.

After another long journey home, due to even more traffic we safely arrived back at school around 8.00pm! All the students were great ambassadors for Vandyke Upper School and a pleasure to take on a trip.

Fabs Batten, Charlie Bond, Sophie Coe, Alice Davage, Chloe Edwards, Chloe Golder, Tom Harriman, Erin Harrison, Edele Honour, Ryan Kidd, Emily Litchfield, Dolly Lumley and Tom Scanlon

Mrs Green