World Challenge Trip to India

Published on 10 October 2016

World Challenge Trip to India

On the 23rd of July ten students from Vandyke embarked on a World Challenge expedition to Kerala in southern India for two weeks.

On our adventure we took part in a project over three days at a tribal school in a very rural area. Whilst we were there we helped build a kitchen for the school, including buying the materials, and we also painted the inside of the school, making it look brighter and more of a learning environment for the children of the village.

On our last day in the village the community gave us an amazing farewell as they took out all their musical instruments and everyone was dancing and singing together.  For me this was my favourite moment of the whole trip, as it was when we were most engaged with the community, where we had got involved and helped to make their lives better, just by doing the simple things.

The next part of the trip was a four day long trek through the Munar Mountains. We walked an average of 12km a day, through all sorts of terrain, including the depths of the jungle. This was the most challenging phase for a lot of us, however we all worked amazingly as a team.  We encouraged each other to continue and finish together, which we managed to do on the last day, making us all so proud of what we had achieved.

On our last day before we travelled home, we used our remaining money that we had saved throughout the project to explore the backwaters of Kerala. Lucy Aguilar, Beth Young, Kate Stiles, and Rosie McDiarmid went on a river boat and the rest of us went kayaking along the backwaters; Beth Hill, Michael Carter, Poppy Barret, Niamh Jones, Daisy Molyneaux, Tess Bettle, and Mrs Green.

The views in India were stunning, it has created memories that I will never forget. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of taking part in World Challenge to do so, as I have gained experiences and friends who I would never have thought I would be friends with without opportunities like this.

Beth Hill

Year 13